Ice Cream Hard To the Last Bite!

The Story of the Patent Pending Alpine Ice Bowl!

 AIpine Ice Bowl was created in the kitchen of Sue Wood Migliozzi,  some where in the foothills of Grass Valley, California. I was taught and trained, as a Nutrition and Food Specialist, to serve and consume food at its correct temperature.  Ice cream is supposed to be frozen and hard- not melted and soupy.  A good sundae should be smothered with hot  topping  too.  Yikes, more melted ice cream at the bottom of my bowl- what’s a girl to do?

            I thought there has to be a solution and I started to search for a cold bowl. I found some insulated bowls, but not anything coming out of the freezer.  My grandfather, Rufus C. Wood, was an inventor with patents on mining tools back in the 1950’s.  It  was now time to follow in his footsteps and create an invention of my own!

            I invented the Alpine Ice Bowl  with a base filled with a secret formula to keep ice cream cold.  The brushed stainless steel bowl was designed to be stored upside down in the freezer.

            The Alpine Ice Bowl solves the problem of ice cream melting on the bottom of the bowl before you get there to eat it!  If I wanted to drink my ice cream I would have ordered a shake!  Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against a wonderful blended shake, I just don’t want it in my bowl of ice cream.

            Ice cream is a delicacy and a treat, since it is so easy to pick up a quart at the grocery store or grab a cone at an ice cream shop it has become just part of life-a well loved comfort food.  What if our favorite treat could be made even better?

            The Alpine Ice Bowl provides a platform for making your favorite ice cream even better!  Yes, even better.  Once you experience the last bite even colder than the first you will never go back to a plain ole bowl again.

Sue Wood Migliozzi, BA, Home Economics*: Nutrition and Food,1983 California State University, Sacramento.

*Time changes things as  “Home Economics” has been renamed the “Family and Consumer Sciences Department”.

Crafted, Designed and
Patent Pending in the USA